Feedback on Healing Sessions

Thank you for the healing session and follow-up. I have to admit that my perspective on life has shifted to a state of enjoyment and light spirit that I haven’t felt in a long time. We are both very grateful to have encountered you at this point in our lives. You are a mindful and beautiful spirit with a humble presence. Thanks again for all that you’ve done!
~ Sergio
I really loved our session together. I felt like I was really taking time out for ME. And that somebody else (you) was really taking time out for me. I got a strong sense that you genuinely WANT to know how I’m doing with what we had discussed, and all the comments and feedback you provided were encouraging and empowering. Overall, I feel that I’m in such caring, loving and gentle hands on this journey that you are walking with me. I feel there is so much value in the service you are offering and I definitely desire to come back for another session.
~ Kelly
So lovely to see and work with you yesterday. I always feel SOOO good after your sessions and I leave remembering very important information that I seem to have forgotten for a while. Blessings and love dear Parminder for your beautiful healing presence and power.
~ Ann
This session was amazing for me. The insight you have into what is going on with me is really a testimony to your healing abilities. I’d done Reiki before but had not found a healer I trusted enough to do it again until now. I truly do entrust you to allow me to tap into the spiritual realm of existence that I know we are all a part of, but may not have the courage to delve into alone. Thank you for being my guide.
~ Katie
I very much enjoyed my session with you today. It was a very powerful session and it stayed with me all day long. You definitely have a great talent for doing this kind of work!
~ Catherine

Classes, Ceremonies, and Other Services

The Women’s Healing Circle has been a grounding and safe place for me, a place where I can share my challenges and joys or simply be silent but still feel the connectedness and light of the circle. It’s a place that allows me to let go of my worries and realize that my spirit is full of peace and contentment. It’s a place to heal the brokenness I sometimes encounter in life. Most importantly, it’s a place of sisterhood where we share our wisdom and uplift each other.
~ Vivien
This class has been an amazing experience. I have felt so comfortable, at ease, and joyfilled this entire time. It has been wonderful! My biggest take-away is a burning desire to continue with this training. It feels RIGHT.
~ Anne
I was thrilled to have Parminder lead a gratitude ceremony for a gathering of family and friends. She emanates gratitude for life, and her fluid, welcoming approach to holding sacred space for any occasion is awe-inspiring. It is Parminder’s all encompassing ability to read the energy of others and of a context in order to build a foundation for a transformative, powerful experience that I treasure the most. In Parminder’s company, I inevitably feel more in line with the noble rhythm of life.
~ Veronica
This class has been a wonderful experience. I loved that I could receive my Reiki attunement from you––a gentle, loving soul. It was beautiful. I also liked the casual, light-hearted feeling of the class, and I love that Reiki is a simple modality that has such an impact.
~ Pam
I appreciate the humaneness of your teaching approach. When you share your own journey, it helps me. It reminds me that it’s ok to take this in small steps. I have gained more comfort with both being comfortable and uncomfortable. Being okay with whatever the moment brings.
~ Liz
Just like all the other workshops/classes I’ve experienced with you, Reiki II was marvelously beautiful and helpful. I consider you one of my spiritual teachers and guides. You have introduced me to a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom from multiple traditions that are all in the end interconnected. I am so excited to continue learning and growing with you.
~ Jesus