Individual Healing Services

You were born with incredible resources and wisdom. My job is to accompany you on your journey to realizing your immense potential. The most direct and powerful way to do this is through personalized healing sessions focused on your special needs and goals. There are numerous benefits to receiving individualized support. Some commonly reported by clients are:

  • – Feeling deeply relaxed, lighter, more inspired, more hopeful.
  • – Releasing negative/heavy energies that have previously kept one stuck.
  • – Letting go of old patterns of thought, behavior that no longer serve.
  • – Feeling empowered to take positive action to realize one’s visions and dreams.
  • – Experiencing deep transformation that leads to profound changes in one’s life.

True alchemy works on many levels…mind, body, spirit, and heart. No part of us exists in isolation, and any dis-ease in one area impacts all areas of our being. Thus, Alchemy’s healing services integrate a variety of modalities to provide a holistic approach to creating optimal health & happiness. The primary modalities used are Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Guidance.
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Initial Healing Session

In-depth Consultation
& Treatment

up to 2 hours $195

In this session, you will have an opportunity to share your concerns, what you would like to heal, and any relevant background you feel would be helpful to discuss. We will consult on the best approach to help you release anything that no longer serves you and move towards experiencing greater peace, relaxation, vitality, and joy. You will receive a full energy healing treatment personalized to your needs as well as guidance on any appropriate follow-up to help you optimize your well-being.

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Follow-up Sessions

Deep Healing
& Coaching Session

up to 1.5 hours $165

Provides deep healing through the use of Reiki, Shamanic Healing, and Intuitive Guidance to help you release what no longer serves, shift patterns and create transformational changes in your life.

Energy Clearing
& Cleansing Session

up to 1 hours $115

Integrates two of the three healing modalities to help you experience relaxation, clear up minor problems, maintain optimal health and prevent issues from arising.

Phone Coaching Session

up to 30 mins $75

Get support in creating practices and shifting mindsets to help you stay on track with your goals and receive guidance in navigating challenges that arise.

Schedule Your Session

The fastest way to book an appointment is to call Parminder at 858-444-7993. Call today to reserve sacred healing time for yourself or a loved one.


After your initial session, you will have the option of purchasing a wellness plan of follow-up sessions to maximize the support you receive and benefit from plan and package savings.

Distance Healing

Sessions may be received in person or by phone. As energy has no time/space limitations, remote healing is just as powerful and effective. If you are outside the San Diego area, I invite you to experience the transformative power of distance healing.