Intro to Shamanic Wisdom

Learn how to use shamanic principles and practices to live life with greater purpose, power, and presence. The class series will focus on personal growth and self-empowerment. All classes will have an experiential component and many will be held in beautiful and powerful settings in nature. Participants will have opportunities to process their learning through simple practices geared towards enhancing self-awareness and becoming more empowered to make positive shifts for themselves.

The 2015 series has been completed. Contact Parminder to learn more about the 2016 series scheduled to begin in Sept.

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Reiki Classes

Receive your Reiki attunements and channel this beautiful healing energy for your own and others’ benefit. Learn all you need to know to establish a solid personal Reiki practice to enhance your own well-being. Gain knowledge of and practice a variety of techniques and hand positions to provide Reiki for others.

Four classes are taught: Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki, and Reiki Master class. As you advance through the levels, you will gain deeper knowledge of this beautiful healing modality, increase your confidence and skills in using Reiki, and learn new techniques and symbols appropriate for each level.

The 2015 classes have finished. Contact Parminder to learn more about the 2016 classes.

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