A Simple Way to Experience Peace & Joy

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A Simple Way to Experience Peace & Joy

When people come to see me for healing work, the number one thing most of them are looking for is a sense of peace and calm. The second thing they often seek is regaining a sense of joy and happiness that they feel they lost somewhere along the way.

I’m truly blessed and fortunate to see the vast majority of them experience the peace and joy they seek very quickly. It’s truly astonishing and inspiring to see the incredible shifts and transformations people undergo from feeling anxious/stressed/lost/depressed to empowered/joyful/calm/confident. In many ways, it feels like magic.

But it doesn’t work for everyone and it’s not a one-time permanent fix. I have come to see that the individuals who make the most progress and maintain it consistently are the ones who carry the work home and do the super simple yet amazingly powerful practices I share with them.

One of the practices I often share with clients is a simple grounding relaxation technique that just takes a minute or two to do once they learn it. Why is it so powerful? Because it retrains the brain and the nervous system to operate at a more calm state rather than the high-alert most of us are used to functioning at.

This is what all forms of meditation, visualization, and mindfulness do. They help us create new ways of thinking, feeling, and being by replacing old, reactive patterns with new, more calm states. This, in turn, helps to reduce stress, improve concentration, enhance self-awareness and self-confidence. It also helps us feel greater joy and experience better mental, emotional and physical health.

With all these benefits in mind, I’d like to invite you to join me for a 14-Day Nourishing the Light Within virtual meditation experience beginning Sunday November 1st. All you have to do is give yourself the gift of experiencing a few moments of calm and relaxation each day and see what benefits you feel.

To make this super simple and easy, I have recorded the guided meditation below and encourage you use it if you don’t already have a personal meditation practice. The recording has two parts. You can do just the first part, which is only about 5 mins, if you are pressed for time or the full recording if you’d like to experience deeper relaxation.

What have you got to lose? Just try it for two weeks and see if it works for you. Please join our Nourishing the Light Within FB Event Page where I will be posting daily encouragement and inspiration. Join us and see how good taking a few minutes for yourself can make you feel.

Also, if you are in the San Diego area, I invite you to join us in person for a beautiful heart-opening, soul-nourishing evening at our Celebration of Light Ceremony taking place on Nov 14th. Please check out the group events page for more information.

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