My Path to Healing by Nancy

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My Path to Healing by Nancy

Trying to capture why the energy work I have done with Parminder is so important to me is like trying to catch fireflies. The experiences we have had together fly in and out of my consciousness, and I wonder how I can possibly catch them long enough to put them on paper. When I first started going to Alchemy of Presence, I wanted peace and balance.

My mother was dying. My oldest son was estranged from our family. I was tense in my job. I was worried about everyone and everything. I didn’t feel I did anything well, and my goals were fleeting thoughts that lit up and then flew out of my brain, perhaps never to reach my heart. No matter what I brought up when I met with Parminder, she shared wisdom that was exactly what I needed to hear that day. Here, I try to capture some of what I have gained from our sessions:

Saying Good-Bye in Peace:

A week before my mother died, and several weeks after she stopped talking, Parminder gave me a message from her: “I have already left the body you see lying on the bed. I am having a wonderful time, seeing everyone and everything, flying above you now. Don’t be sad. I am ready to go.” What a blessing to receive the peace of Reiki and be ready to hold my mother in her final moments without anguish or distress.


In one of my healing sessions, I began to talk about my oldest son and my constant work to turn the relationship over to spirit. I explained how he was always there in my head and heart. Sometimes I thought of him with compassion, sometimes with frustration, sometimes with guilt. She reminded me that it is perfectly normal for a mother to grieve her estranged son, but asked me if the feelings were affecting me so much that I needed to “clear” them. I said yes. What followed was a loving, powerful combination of breathing, visualization, extraction of toxins, and Reiki. Through this work, she helped me let go of the pain and weight I had been carrying and had me fill the space that previously held the pain with healing energies of compassion, hope, love, gratitude, and joy.


In another session, I told Parminder I was upset that I could never reach my goal of exercising more. She told me to think of all the times that I moved my body each day. To eliminate the word “exercise.” Replace it with “movement.” I thought of all of my activities: Walking on Sundays at the lake. Working in the garden. Dancing to the radio. Walking across campus and climbing up the flight of stairs multiple times a day. She encouraged me to allow the balance to happen naturally. A little movement. A little nourishment. A little writing. A little teaching. Life is good. Let it unfold instead of making origami out of it.

The Power of Enough:

I recently found a piece of paper folded inside my journal: the notes Parminder had given me on “The Power of Enough.” I had forgotten it was there. We had discussed how we are always being pushed (and pushing ourselves) to study more, achieve more, be more, do more. She says this constant push “promotes continual dissatisfaction with our lives and sets up unhealthy comparisons and expectations that leave us feeling more alone and discontented.” The antidote for “not enough” and “more is better” is the principle of sufficiency or enough. “The principle of enough is grounded in appreciation.” Do we really want to spend our “life force energy” focusing on lack? “Why not instead celebrate the abundance that already exists in our lives?” Through this work, I have learned to be grateful for what I already know and who I already am. Be thankful for the students I have helped. Be grateful for the family that surrounds me. Be grateful for those who love me and allow me to love them. Be grateful for healing energy.

Claiming My Dreams:

Who am I? What am I? How do I serve? Parminder’s sessions have helped me answer these age-old questions that flit in and out of our consciousness. She helps me think outside of society’s (and my own) expectations. She showed me that I didn’t have to stay in a job that no longer served me. She showed me that I had the strength and courage to retire from a job and go after my dreams. I learned that I could be a writer and open my mind and my arms to the possibility that being a writer could sustain me in every way.

Tomorrow, Parminder will come to my home to clear and bless the empty room that will become my writing room. Afterwards I will paint and clean and choose the furniture, books, pictures, paintings, curtains, rugs that will inhabit the new space. This room will become the meditation center and sanctuary that will inspire me to be who I am meant to be. Because Parminder has taught me about the importance of meditation, setting an intention, prayer, connection to spirit, and self-care, I will go about this in a sacred way, knowing I am fully supported on this journey.

I will step outside my room and walk in my Zen garden to be grounded. I will visualize roots growing from my feet into the ground. I will dance and twist my feet into the earth. The tree jewelry will reflect its light in and out of the plants and flowers like fire flies. The wind chimes will ring with possibility. I will “Let go and let God,” in order to let my spiritual life take off with my worldly life. Doors will open, and answers will be given. I will no longer be in my own way.

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