My Path to Healing by Stephanie

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My Path to Healing by Stephanie

When I ran into Parminder at a committee meeting last spring, I had no idea how badly I needed healing. I was incredibly stressed, having just worked a 10-plus hour day, teaching (which I love) and working an administrative job (which I didn’t), and had gone straight from work to a conference planning committee. I arrived to the meeting feeling exhausted and depleted. Parminder walked in the room, radiant and vibrant, and I remember thinking, “I want what she’s having!”

We talked at the end of the meeting, and she suggested I come to a free clinic she was offering the next day for people to experience her healing sessions, which incorporate Reiki and Shamanic practices. “I don’t have time…” I immediately thought to myself. But somewhere inside me, I knew I needed to try it, and knew I was in deep need of self-care. “Yes, please!” I said, and had my first appointment the next day after work.

What happened next is hard to explain in words, but I will do my best. The power of these sessions is beyond my limited capacity to express things through language, as it transcends the rational mind and goes beyond my intellectual comprehension. I only had a brief session with Parminder, but left the office skipping. (Yes, I literally skipped my way home – luckily, I only live a few blocks from her office.)

Since then, I’ve been having sessions about once a month, and it is hard to articulate everything that has transpired in these seven months. That horrible job that was leaving me exhausted and depleted? I finally quit. I had been contemplating quitting before I started my sessions, but was riddled with doubt and fears and lacking the confidence to take the leap. I finally got the courage to leave it behind and focus on the work I love. Since then, things have been flowing one into the next, and transformation has been taking place at an exhilarating rate at all levels, from the inner, to the interpersonal, to the professional.

The sessions have helped me to get greater clarity on who I am and how I serve in the world. I have been able to tap into a deep reservoir of courage within myself in order to more fully live my life in a way that is most congruous with my beliefs and values. In relationships, I have been able to assert my needs and have become better at drawing boundaries, which has led to deeper connections.

These healing sessions have helped me to clarify my life purpose, have realigned me with my intuition, and have helped me to follow my heart’s deepest longings. After I finish each session, I feel as though I have been reattuned to the heartbeat of the universe, and feel charged and inspired to do my work in the world. They have also helped me to gradually make lifestyle choices that I had been wanting to for a long time. I find myself eating cleaner, and feeling lighter, more spacious, and free. I leave the sessions with a clarity of mind and heart.

Being an eager student, I have also taken Shamanic Wisdom classes and a Reiki I class with Parminder. It has been just three weeks since I received my Reiki attunement, and I have already experienced profound changes in my way of experiencing the world. I have been feeling more centered and grounded even amidst some major life transitions and lots of travel. My capacity for love and joy is expanding, and my ability to use Reiki for relaxation and self-healing has been very empowering.

The Shamanic wisdom classes have helped me to find a deeper sense of groundedness and connectedness with the Earth. I have come to discover the vast support that is available to me at all times and have deepened my sense of gratitude for the multitude of blessings in my life. I sense that this journey is just beginning, and I can’t say for sure where it’s heading, but I love where it’s been taking me.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I was not aware of how deeply I needed healing, and have come to realize that we all do, just by virtue of being human and living in a modern world where separation, disconnection and violence are so pervasive. These sessions help to bring a sense of wholeness, integrity, and alignment that would be beneficial to everyone. As Zenmaster Thich Naht Hanh says, if we heal ourselves, we heal the world. May all beings find healing, and from this place of healing, may we create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”*

* Quoted phrase from The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible by Charles Eisenstein. Many, many thanks to Stephanie Knox Cubbon for submitting this beautiful post!

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