Clearing Emotional Energy

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Clearing Emotional Energy

As I was finishing the last post on Clearing Your Physical Space, I was really looking forward to writing about clearing emotional energy. But when I sat down to begin, I realized it’s a much more challenging topic because emotions can be so complex. First of all, they’re more abstract than physical space; secondly, their cause may be entirely removed from the situation that has triggered them; and lastly, the ones we want to clear don’t feel good, so we naturally try to avoid them, especially heavier emotions such as grief and sadness, which are often associated with Autumn.

In spite of the challenge, learning to work effectively with our emotions is critical because stagnant emotional energy inevitably leads to a host of psychological, spiritual, and physical ailments. So, in the spirit of liberating ourselves and creating the conditions for optimal well-being, here are 4 steps to effectively cope with and heal our more troublesome emotions:

1. Accept and Allow

The first step is to become aware and recognize that we may be holding emotional energy that’s creating some discomfort or dis-ease within us. It takes a great deal of courage to accept emotions such as sadness, anger, grief or frustration because we live in an age which flashes the dream (illusion) of perpetual bliss in front of us and subliminally teaches us that any sort of discomfort is bad and needs to either be avoided or immediately fixed at all costs. This sets us up for a great deal of suffering because we panic anytime we experience discomfort and often try to escape it.

A crucial step to self-empowerment is accepting discomfort and allowing oneself to sit and feel it. It’s hard and it’s scary, but like anything else, it gets easier with practice. Try it with small irritations first and build up to processing tougher experiences. Begin by sitting in a place you won’t be disturbed, take some deep breaths, and ground yourself to your body and the present moment. At first, simply focus on your breathing and then allow yourself to bring to mind the emotion/situation that’s made you upset. If possible, try to give a name to the emotion you feel: sadness, anger, etc. Then, scan your body and see where you may be holding the emotion.

It could be anywhere and it may feel like a tightening, a painful sensation, a numb-ness, a sensation of heat or cold, etc. Allow yourself to simply sit with it even though every inch of you may scream for escape. Just notice what the sensation feels like and make note of it. For example, say to yourself, “This is what anger feels like in my body.” or “This is what sadness feels like in my body.” Recognize that these are just energies. Separating your awareness from the energy is a very powerful step because the truth is that you are not the emotion. It is simply an energy that you are experiencing in the moment. And emotions, as we all know, come and go.

Then, take some deep breaths and send your breath to that area. Do this a few times. Follow this by sending loving light to the area. Recognize that a part of you is experiencing pain and have compassion for yourself. Know that love and compassion are some of the most powerful healing medicines, so send as much compassion as possible, along with love, light, and breath to the area that’s holding your pain. Keep breathing and check in with the sensations in your body. You may find them lessening in intensity or dissipating entirely. If you continue to feel them, go on to Step 2.

2. Express and Release

Once you have connected to the emotional energy that is making you uncomfortable, it’s important to give yourself time, space, and permission to express it. You may do this a number of ways: write about it, talk to a friend or counselor, allow yourself to cry, punch a pillow, or move your body. All these methods (and others) can be powerful because they help us to simultaneously express and release the emotional energy.

Writing can be very effective because it is not only cathartic but can also reveal ideas, beliefs, or connections in our subconscious that may be impacting how we feel. After writing about it, it can be very healing to make a decision to let go of any unhealthy pattern or emotional energy that no longer serves you. You can do this by ceremonially burning the writing and setting the intention to release any energies associated with it.

Talking to a friend or counselor can have a similar effect as the writing. Often, simply vocalizing what we are experiencing helps to lessen its hold on us and gives us helpful insights as to where we may be stuck as well as possible solutions. You can also follow this with an intention of release. Crying or punching a pillow can be so very cathartic. Tears release toxins and have a healing impact through their expression. Also, by punching a pillow, we can get the emotional energy out in a non-harmful way.

Lastly, body movement is amazingly powerful in shifting our energy and emotions. Have you ever had the experience of being in a “bad” mood and going for a walk, run, doing some yoga or dancing and feeling much better? Movement is good medicine! The emotional energy has an opportunity to shift and release in a safe way, you have a chance to focus on something other that your thoughts, and the endorphins that are released through movement boost your mood. It’s an total win-win!

3.  Receive and Reclaim

Once you have shifted/released the emotional energy in some way, you want to be very intentional about what you welcome in its place. For example, if you decide to release resentment, perhaps you want to welcome in love, compassion, or forgiveness in its place. If you release grief, you may want to welcome in peace, acceptance, and gratitude. It can be anything that would allow you to move forward with greater joy in your heart and to reclaim your right to live with greater ease. To welcome in new qualities and energies, it can be helpful to do a visualization of that energy filling your body.

For example, if you’d like to welcome in greater peace and love, you can visualize beautiful rays of light coming down from the heart of the sky and filling your heart with these energies. As you breathe, the energies and light get stronger and stronger first filling you whole heart and then spreading to the rest of your body. Continue to breathe them in and allow yourself to feel them integrating into your very being. Then, imagine what life would be like if you allowed yourself to live from the energies of love and peace. See yourself experiencing those qualities and allow that image to rest with you. Then, whenever you are in need of a boost, you can call forth the image or the light of those qualities and integrate it more fully into your being.

A final step in this part of the process would be to take some sort of action. Emotions are meant to serve a purpose. For example, anger can be a great motivator, nudging us to take action regarding an injustice. It’s important to pay attention to what insights you gain through the process of working with your emotions and to consider taking even a small step using the wisdom you’ve gained. This action can be a way to fully commit yourself to what you want to welcome into your life.

4. Treatment and Support

Sometimes, the emotions or situations we’re facing are just too challenging for us to overcome/process alone. This is when it’s especially important to ask for and allow yourself to receive support and assistance. Simply having the courage to reach out and ask for support is a very powerful first step toward healing. There are many different types of professionals you can reach out to who are trained to help you navigate the journey toward greater healing and joy. And they each have a variety of tools and techniques to make the process easier.

As an energy healer trained in Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Guidance, I am most familiar with these modalities. A few techniques I have seen my clients benefit from immensely are: aura clearing and extraction to remove old, stuck energies; guided journeys for soul retrieval to heal past trauma; physical movements based on bioenergetic principles for a whole body release; and visualizations to gain wisdom that is aligned with your inner knowing.

These techniques are powerful and can help energetically extract any unhealthy emotional energies or patterns that may hinder a person’s ability to express their true potential for love and joy. Since these techniques work on the spirit and energetic levels, it’s not necessary to know the exact source, reason, or even nature of the stuck energies and emotions. Sometimes the knowing may be helpful, but the conscious mind can be bypassed to a degree and still result in healing that is powerful, lasting, and transformative.

Whatever you do, know that you do not need to continue to suffer. There are many teachings and modalities available to assist and support you. We would never sit home with a physical illness and suffer in silence or try to avoid it. It’s important to honor and give the same attention to our emotional, mental, and spiritual health that we give to our physical well-being. Have the courage to embark on the healing journey. It’s well worth it and the amazing benefits, the sense of empowerment, and the insights you gain in working with your emotions last a lifetime.

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