Clearing Your Personal Space

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Clearing Your Personal Space

One of the most important cornerstones of optimal health is learning to live in harmony
with Nature. When we recognize we are part of this beautiful creation and honor the
needs of our body, mind, and spirit to be aligned to the energy around us, we are able to
flow with seasonal changes and natural rhythms. Doing so, allows us to experience a
sense of ease, joy, and vitality in our daily lives.

Autumn is a time of transition. We say goodbye to summer’s long days and expansive
energy as we begin the process of going inward, storing up energy for winter. It’s a time
to take stock of our many blessings, to collect and celebrate the harvest of our
endeavors. It’s also a time of saying goodbye and letting go. A time to release what no
longer serves or is no longer necessary in order to focus more effectively on what is

Just as trees shed leaves and gardeners prune dead foliage, it’s time for us to shed and
prune away anything that may drain our vital life-force energy. When we have the
courage to do this, we stop wasting energy on what no longer serves us in order to
harness our power and direct our energy most effectively. Here is the first of a series on
the areas of our lives we can give attention to as we harness the transformative
possibilities of this season:

Clearing Your Personal Space

It’s amazing how much we are impacted by our personal environment. We live in an
interconnected world and the energy of our surroundings influences our personal
energy. To begin, look at what clutter and dust may have collected in your home or
office space and make a commitment to cleaning and clearing it out. It may feel
overwhelming to tackle it all at once, so here are some ideas and tips to help you:

  • Do a quick inventory to take stock of your space and see what areas feel good and
    which ones need some cleaning and clearing.
  • Break down the job into smaller bits…maybe 4-5 manageable tasks. You can break it
    down by room or type of task (clothes, papers, dusting, etc.)
  • Schedule time for each of the smaller bits and commit to taking care of each by writing
    it down in your calendar/planner.
  • Then, just DO IT! No excuses, no planning something else in that allotted time, no
    giving up.

If the process brings up resistance, look at where it’s coming from and make s decision
to move through it. If it brings up emotions, allow them to flow and keep going. (Next
blog will be on clearing emotional energy.) Once you’ve taken care of the physical
clutter/dust, it’s time to do some energetic clearing and cleansing. Again, a few ideas
to assist you:

  • Begin by treating the clearing as a ceremony or ritual for which you set an intention
    and ask Spirit to assist/guide you.
  • Light a candle and place it in a central location in your home while you clear the
  • Use sage or incense to smudge/burn any old energy that no longer serves.
  • Use a flower essence water or essential oil spray to then fill the space with beautiful
    aroma and high frequency energy.
  • Then, give thanks for the assistance you received, for the beauty of your space, the
    support/shelter it provides you, and blow out the candle.

When you are finished, you should feel good. You will, hopefully, feel a sense of
breathing easier and a lightness to your energy. Give yourself a pat on the back and
celebrate your success. If any emotions came up for you, stay tuned. The next blog will
be on clearing emotional energy and baggage. But, I need to clear my home before I
start writing that, so wish me luck! Good luck and blessings to you!

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