Daring to Dream

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Daring to Dream

I think I was born believing I could fly. At a very early age, I felt I could do anything I wanted. For the first several years of my life, I went around feeling confident and daring and secure in who I was and what dreams came to me. My mother has tons of stories of my early escapades. I think this is why, once I moved to the United States, I fell in love with characters like Dennis the Menace, Ramona Quimby in Beverly Cleary’s series, Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes, and Anne of Green Gables. In them, I saw the same spirit of adventure, fun, and daring I felt I had somewhere inside but had stopped expressing. Life, schooling, the move to a foreign land, and some tough experiences had left me feeling more fearful than daring at times. One of my current goals is to get more in touch with the daring adventurer I have within.

One of the most daring acts any of us can engage in is to dream and dream big! In life, it can be easy to stop daring to dream, but I think this is a kind of death to our souls and spirits. I’m not saying it’s easy to keep dreams alive when life presents us with challenges and struggles but that it’s critical if we are to be fully alive. So there may be times in our lives when our dreams seem far away or and our heart’s whisperings so quiet we can’t even hear them. But, I think the first step to true health, healing, and happiness is to begin to dream again. No change ever took place without someone daring to dream of a way that was different, better somehow. So, whether we want to feel better personally or want to create change in our communities or the world, we must first allow ourselves to have a vision of what we want.

Sometimes this can be painful at first. Allowing ourselves to truly feel our longings can make our present realities more painful if they do not match with our hearts’ desires, so sometimes we stop daring to dream to protect ourselves from that pain. Often time, we become fearful also because we think it automatically means external change and we can’t imagine changing our jobs or can’t see a way out of some other life circumstance. Daring to dream, however, does not always mean we have to change the externals; sometimes it means changing internal beliefs, habits, patterns. Oftentimes, it’s a combination of the two.

And it’s a process. Dreams sometimes become reality in an instant, but more often, we follow a circuitous path in moving ever closer to their fulfillment. I believe our heart is always guiding us toward the fulfillment of our soul’s deepest longings. We simply have to begin attuning our ears to listen to what those are and dare to face the joy and the sadness that may come along with hearing that which our soul is saying. I believe we are each born with a mission and a purpose. That our hearts, souls, spirits come into the world to have certain experiences and learn key lessons our soul needs to progress. In order to live more and more in keeping with our soul’s hopes and dreams, we must first dare to actually dream.

So, here are a few ways we can put just a little bit of attention to attuning our ears to what our hearts have to tell us:

  1. Set aside 10-20 minutes to sit and journal, draw, or brainstorm in some other fashion about what dreams you hold inside. Start off right now by scheduling a time you could do this in the next week. We know that if we schedule something, we are much more likely to do it. After you do it once, decide how often you’d like to repeat the practice.
  2. Ask yourself and the Universe a question related to daring to dream. For example, What are my soul’s longings, my heart’s hopes and dreams? What would it feel like if I lived completely in line with my essence’s true yearnings? What would life be like if I dared to pursue my heart’s desires? You can ask yourself these questions repeatedly each day and not expect any set answer but know that when you put the question out there, answers will start coming in various forms.
  3. As you begin getting in touch with some of your dreams, begin a collage of images that illustrate the essence or feelings of what you are dreaming of. Our brains understand and hold onto images much more easily than language, so starting a collection of images can be a great motivator to the conscious and subconscious mind to stay true to our dreams.

As with anything else, I would say just experiment and see what works for you. I believe that as we dare to give ourselves just a bit of time and space to dream and vision, we will find ourselves moving closer and closer to our heart’s desires and living a life of greater inner harmony and balance. So, let’s ask ourselves to listen to what our hearts and souls are longing for us to hear and dare to live by it. I leave you with the words from Lincoln Fox’s sculptor “Dream of Flight” pictured above:

“The dream of flight is born within the heart of man, embracing the desire to be free from the confines of the earth’s surface. Hopefully the dream includes the possibility of freedom from limiting thought and action. As our imagination is freed to receive greater truths, then fear, closed thinking, and poverty of spirit will be left behind…far below.”

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